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1.76oz Shag Beach Paste
3 oz. Olaplex #9 Bond Serum
33.8oz Olaplex #4 Shampoo-JUNE
33.8oz Olaplex #5 Shampoo-JUNE
7.5oz Full VolumeTexture Spray
8.5oz Olaplex #4C Clarify Sham
Buddies - Style Duo
CHI Lava Pro Dryer
Curl Shampoo

Curl Shampoo


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evo Itty Bitty Blonde

evo Itty Bitty Blonde


Guttony Volumising Shampoo
Heads Will Roll Co-Wash
KIT Full Trio ND22
KIT No Frizz Trio ND22
KIT PhD Trio ND22
KIT Restore Trio ND22
LP 1.5oz Triple Bond Complex
LP 8oz Full Conditioner N
LP 8oz Full Shampoo N
LP 8oz No Frizz Conditioner N
LP 8oz PhD Conditioner N
LP 8oz PhD Shampoo N
LP 8oz Restore Conditioner N
LP Best Sellers Trial SO22
LP Hair Repair Trial PPK SO22
LP Hydration Trial PPK SO22
LP Smooth Trial PPK SO22
LP Volume Trial PPK SO22
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